Pieces of You-topia

SOAP presents: Pieces of You-topia
Featuring Artist: Sasha Petrenko
Artists Reception: Saturday November 6, 2010 6-9PM
Gallery Hours: Monday -Thursday 10-1 or by appointment. Show runs to December 3, 2010
Soap Gallery:3180 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-920-9199
Email: sfsoapgallery@yahoo.com
Website: riversoap.com/soap-gallery


“We want to tap into the imagination of the masses.”

Soap Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Pieces of You-topia, a new
project by the members of WWAWUT. Formed at the dawn of a new age,
WWAWUT (We will all wake up together) is a loose collective of visual and
performing artists engaged in integrating art into the everyday. To this end
the artists choose to create work derived from the everyday, incorporating
apparel, audio, furniture, food, and refuse into multi-disciplinary projects
that result in extending art into the daily lives of the audience.
Opening Saturday, November 6th, Pieces of You-topia consists of the full
scale recreation of a founding member’s studio. The utopian architect’s
sculptures, models, drawings, utopian designs and archival videos will be incorporated
into an immersive visual and sonic installation.
Visitors will also find opportunities to engage in the collective’s project by
contributing apparel, objects, and items to be transformed by WWAWUT and
collaborating artists. Donated items will be used as props, absorbed into a
year long project, as WWAWUT travels to New York’s Watermill Center for
Performance, finally returning to San Francisco for 2 weeks of programing at
the LAB.
After a final performance at the LAB in August 2011, members of WWAWUT
will return the transformed objects to their original owners, who may integrate
the reformed furniture and apparel into their everyday lives.
For more information on how to participate contact:
For more about WWAWUT: http://piecesofyoutopia.com