Wasteland recreates a fictional space reminiscent of the emo-bedrooms and basement dens of suburban adolescence. The artists appearing are a sample of the generation raised on 80’s and 90’s pop consumerism, which permeates their work. Assembled as an eclectic display of images, objects, animations, and other ephemera, the installation provides a new take on that neon-retro time and place.

Guest Curator: Matt Cella

Artists Reception: Saturday February 5, 2011 6-9PM

Gallery Hours: Monday -Thursday 10-1 or by appointment. Show runs to March 5, 2011

Soap Gallery:3180 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-920-9199

Website: riversoap.com/soap-gallery
Featured Artists:
Ross Campbell
Robert Burden

Matt Cella
Julumarie Joy Cornista
Mike Decker
Amir Esfahani
Adam Hathaway
David Horton
Carrie Hott
Jeremiah Jenkins
Tom Mueske
Neils Neilson III
Anthony Record
Kristen Roberts
Renetta Sitoy
Niki Shapiro
Ben Venom

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Soap Gallery 3180 Mission Street San Francisco, Ca 94110

415-920-9199:: sfsoapgallery@yahoo.com